H2 Hub Twente

About us

In the coming years, H2-Hub Twente will accommodate innovative business start-ups, and existing SMEs to co-develop and experiment with new H2-technologies. Saxion University for Applied Science, University Twente and Institute for Professional Education (ROC Twente) are involved in transfer of knowledge to the companies and collaborative projects with students and academia. Its location is the former premises of Texas Instruments in Twente. A total of 1.700 PV-panels is already installed on the rooftop of the building. This will be doubled in the near future, resulting in a power volume of approximately 1 MW. The output from the PV-installations will be converted and stored into hydrogen. Storing the output of the 1.700 additional panels is necessary for preventing grid instability, but more importantly, it enables innovation programmes at the H2-Hub. The hydrogen produced will follow innovative application routes, for instance, hydrogen-powered mobility and reconversion into electricity to be distributed into a local grid.

The H2-Hub Twente envisions to be testing H2-conversion and storage options and the incorporation of different uses of the hydrogen (mobility/reconversion into electricity/heating/ delivery as process gas to industries) within the testing and demonstration activities of STEPS business support programme.

What we are lookin for:

The hub has a 1MW installed PV system, available for the production of hydrogen. However, as of now, the produced electricity is fed into the grid. Students of Saxion hogeschool are working on a flexibel system for producing hydrogen. In the beginning of 2021, a selection will be made for a type and size of elektrolyser starting with a power output of approximately 250 kW, depending on the study results. The aim is to connect a series of elektrolysers op to 1MW in a way that a certain optimum for production is achieved. What is the most efficient, flexible and sustainable way of production and storage? These are questions that need to be addressed. Potential users of the hydrogen are different projects that are developed in the hub in mobility, high temperature applications and housing. The H2Hub Twente would like to offer the opportunity to entrepreneurs to study the demands and potential of the hub and together work out a solution.

About the Storage Challenge

The H2 Hub Twente is a physical place where entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and governments work together on technical applications for hydrogen technology. H2 Hub Twente is a ‘Hub for Training and Application in Hydrogen Technology’. With this initiative, H2Hub wants to make it possible for SMEs to get started with and realise concrete hydrogen projects. The focus of the Hub is on the testing and application of hydrogen technology. The added value of the Hub is to support the energy transition by facilitating breakthroughs through applied research. To this end, the Hub offers together with educational institutions, the opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain practical experience with different applications of hydrogen. At the Hub entrepreneurs receive support, collaborate with knowledge and educational institutions and knowledge and experience gained becomes available to realise new applications and innovations.

For the benefit of the projects (tests and pilots), the Hub offers green hydrogen, laboratory facilities, guidance in project development and a relevant network.

The Hub stands for:

  • The testing and application of hydrogen technology;

  • System integration: many components have been fully developed, but the integration in specific applications need to be tested and further developed in order to scale up the specific application;

  • Education and training, aimed at both students and entrepreneurs;

  • Knowledge development and exchange;

  • Building new (cross-sectoral) chains and supporting the

  • New partnerships in projects;

  • Provision of test facilities and green hydrogen.

Voltage level: 230 - 400 V AC

Temperature range: -15 °C - 35 °C (depending on indor/outdoor)

site: indoor & outdoor

headword / technology: hydrogen

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