Real-life energy storage challenges from potential end-users that are willing to test innovative solutions in North-West Europe

A wide range of technologies is needed for our testbeds including battery storage, hydrogen technology, energy storage management & integration, P2G/P2H storage applications, mobile storage solutions and many more to improve performance. The capacity ranges from 10 kWh to 10,000 kWh.

SMEs that are awarded for testing support will test their product at one of our testbeds in NWE. Transnational testing is fully supported to help you increase your European market penetration.

Get to know our testbeds and their energy storage challenges below (click on testbeds to see more information).

I. Small storage systems (primarily indoors)

II. Bigger storage systems (primarily outdoors)

III. Various (Management systems, Hydrogen, general test)

Overview of all Testbed Challenges

Overview TBP_V5.xlsx