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About us

The Technical University of Darmstadt is one of the leading technical universities in Germany involving more than 25.000 students in its educational activities. Through outstanding achievements in research, teaching and transfer, Technical University of Darmstadt continually opens up new opportunities for shaping society. The Institute for Mechatronic Systems is a research and teaching entity affiliated to the Technical University of Darmstadt. Research at the Institute for Mechatronic Systems focuses on mechatronic system development and integration by addressing future-oriented topics, such as the transition to resource-efficient energy and mobility systems.

We are looking for:

A grid connected power system capable to supply 100 kW electric power for a 350 to 800 V variable voltage DC-link of an electric powertrain tech bench.

About the Storage Challenge

The IMS CONNECT is a test bench for the investigation of future-oriented drive concepts. The range includes automatic and dual-clutch transmissions as well as fully electric powertrain systems for electrochemical and fuel cell vehicles. One of the mains tasks of the test bench is the measurement, modelling and identification of power losses of vehicle powertrains.

An already available synchronous machine can emulate an internal combustion engine or a traction electric motor. In order to facilitate the testing of hybrid and pure electric powertrains, an adjustable voltage DC-Link able to supply several electric motors in parallel is required. For this purpose, a power converter to rectify the grid power is necessary. Depending on the configuration, an electrochemical energy storage to act as buffer on the DC-Link is also desirable, in order to downscale the power rating of the installation.

A layout of the designated system distinguishing between already available parts (blue), required parts (red) and desired parts (green) is depicted in the picture below.

Usable Capacity: 50 kWh

Power, discharging cont.: 100 kW

Power, charging, cont.: 50 kW

Voltage level: 3 x 400 V; AC

Temperature range: 10 °C - 40°C

site: indoor

headword / technology: open for different energy storage

Further Information

More Information and contact details for the IMS Connect test bench can be found here.