About us

Medtronic Mervue manufactures Electronic Medical Devices including Ventilators, Pulse Monitoring and Sensors.

The Company recently installed over 100kW of Solar Power on a new building and plans on substantially adding to this resource.

About the Storage Challenge

Our aims include:

- To improve our renewable energy resource capability in line with our 2025 targets.

- To enhance our existing Demand Side Management capability for power grid stabilisation.

- To enhance our growing portfolio of on-site solar renewable power.

- To increase our electric vehicle charging capability.

Interesting Storage Applications would be 50kWh (with 5x discharge) for Grid Services to enhance capacity as a Demand Site Unit, incorporated with up to 350kWh (with 1x discharge) with Inverter Technology Interface capable of meeting our requirements.

Usable Capacity: approx. 250 to 400kWh

Power, discharging cont.: 250 kW

Power, charging, cont.: 250 kW

Voltage level: 380 V; AC

Temperature range: 16 °C - 30 °C

site: indoor/outdoor

headword / technology: open for different energy storage