Terranova Solar, Phase II

About us

Terranova Solar is the second largest solar park of Belgium. Located on a former gypsum waste dump. This waste dump has been sanitized and closed off ten years ago. On that waste dump a 16.7 MW solar park was installed providing energy to almost 4000 family’s since 2012.

In cooperation with the province East-Flanders an educational center Fabriek Energiek is set on site providing education about green energy and guided tours.

Terranova Solar has the intention to further develop this former brownfield into a green energy hub including green energy production, energy storage and the production of green hydrogen.

The majority of the produced energy is injected in the public net. However we have 2 wastewater treatment plants are on site, a 3th is being built. During periods of low energy production, electricity is purchased from the grid. This results in a very low cosPhi-factor and penalties from the grid operator.

About the Storage Challenge

In a phase 2 of the project, an energy storage solution is needed to provide peak sheaving services to ensure stable green hydrogen production and grid auxiliary services increasing the business case.

So to conclude? We want:

  • more self-consumption of green electricity

  • avoid grid penalties because of low cosPhi-factor

  • a stable production of green hydrogen

  • and a more feasible business case

We’re looking for the ideal partner to further convert the former brownfield into a local green energy hub. Fill in the application form today or contact us for more details!

Usable Capacity: 1.200 - 3.600 kWh

Power, discharging cont.: 400 - 900 kW

Power, charging, cont.: 400 - 900 kW

Voltage level: n/a

Temperature range: -10 °C - 30 °C

site: outdoor

headword / technology: Possibility to test a hybrid battery, e.g. a combination of lithium-ion battery and a vanadium redox flow battery