Industriepark Kleefse Waard

About us

Industriepark Kleefse Waard (IPKW) is an industrial area in the city of Arnhem with a long tradition. Once established as a location for large chemical industries, is has been redeveloped over the past 15 years into an incubator park for innovative energy technology. Some 80 companies in the field of energy and environment have located here. Strongholds are hydrogen technologies and electric mobility.

In the coming years, on IPKW various initiatives are scheduled that support them in their role as a testbed provider. In 2019 the University for professional education HAN (Hogeschool voor Arnhem en Nijmegen) has opened the HAN H2-lab, an R&D- and teaching lab for hydrogen technologies on IPKW. In addition, an energy technology innovation centre with a broader scope will be established in 2020. In the new centre, companies and knowledge institutions will jointly develop new energy technologies.

The park will use part of the power to be generated for the companies in the park and convert the rest in the form of hydrogen and oxygen, using hydrolysers. These fractions together with the warmth generated in the conversion process, are then distributed in various directions: for instance, electricity delivered to the local and regional grids, hydrogen and oxygen as process gases, fuel for mobility purposes on the energy market and. The testing through STEPS will focus on the H2-storage options and the incorporation of storage capacity in a local smart grid.

About the Storage Challenge

Usable Capacity: all kind of energy storage solutions can be tested

Power, discharging cont.: "-"

Power, charging, cont.: "-"

Voltage level: "-"

Temperature range: n/a

site: n/a

headword / technology: open for different energy storage