Housing Corporations Zwolle, Oldenzaal, Enschede

About us

The housing corporations deltaWonen Zwolle, WBO Oldenzaal and De Woonplaats Enschede are facing the challenge of making thousands of buildings (homes, offices, care complexes, etc.) more sustainable in the next few years. We are looking for innovative solutions that contribute to the affordable preservation of real estate to fulfil this challenge.

We believe that multiple solutions are needed to achieve the ultimate goal of CO2 neutrality in 2050.

About the Storage Challenge

The development of scalable and affordable hydrogen solutions, which can contribute to the sustainability challenge of becoming CO2 neutral by 2050.

At the housing corporations hydrogen is seen as a possible solution that can contribute towards CO2 neutrality by 2050. In order to accelerate this innovation, we want to contribute to the development of hydrogen as a sustainable solution for our sustainability challenge. We are looking for hydrogen solutions for the supply of heat and hot tap water in the home or in the building. We are thinking of different supply temperature ranges (low, medium and high temperature), appropriate to the building.

Innovations such as the storage of electricity or gas are also interesting to us, for seasonal storage. The testbed for your energy storage solution will be at one of these 3 locations (Zwolle, Oldenzaal or Enschede).

We are seeking for an innovation where the hydrogen solution is innovative and provides both heating and hot water. An additional option could be storage for electrical energy use or gas.